Chespin Community Day: a recap!

What a start to 2023’s set of community days! And by that, I mean… it wasn’t that great.

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Some of History’s Best-Hidden Marketing Stunts – and Some of the Worst.

A key concept to successful marketing is to prove that you, or your product/service, provides a much needed solution to a common problem. But what happens when you have the solution, but there’s no immediate problem? You do what some of these brilliant minds do: you create the problem.

How many of these items did you know were the product of insanely innovative publicity and marketing?

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How I would survive if I was on Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’

We’ve all dreamt of getting away with a crime as children. Some adults still do – but most won’t act on those thoughts. You’d hope.

My recurrent dream is quite simple: how I would evade capture if I was on the show Hunted.

Of course, this is the fantasy and surrealist side of my brain talking; if I were to actually be on the show, or ever in a position where I was on the run, I would probably be found within a day or two, so.

But I have a plan, anyway.

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[Top 10] Pokemon GO Best Gym Defenders

This blog post will look at 10 of the best Pokémon to leave as a defender for your gym – whether you’re team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.

Putting Pokémon in gyms not only helps you max out your daily coin limit (50 coins), but also improves your score with that gym – meaning when you spin the gym whilst it belongs to your team, you will get a greater team bonus.

When it comes to defending a gym for long hours, there are some key attributes you need to evaluate:

  1. Is my Pokémon weak or vulnerable to multiple types?
  2. Does my Pokémon have a high CP range – is it, effectively, a tank?
  3. Does my Pokémon have a strong moveset?
  4. Is my Pokémon resistant to popular or powerful move types?
  5. Will adding my Pokèmon type to this gym make it harder for a single team to take down?
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