24 year old queer woman, with interests in books, media, digital spaces & video games.

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Paige Briscoe – author, blogger, comms & marketing worker

I am a writer of both poetry and short stories, and I am particularly passionate about LGBT+ inclusion within my work. As a queer woman, it is important to help normalise the portrayal of queer bodies and queer relationships in literature.

This blog is to share my thoughts on books through reviews, give in-sight to the world through lifestyle blog posts, and to showcase my own creative writing as well as freelance content creation.

I ran a previous version of this blog from 2014-2016, (http://www.thebookcarousel.blogspot.com) but ceased due to growing commitments from university. I have now made the decision to revive my blog in a new format, with a much more focused approach toward my own writing, and reading just for leisure rather than the pressure of continuously signing up for blog tours.

If you would like to get in touch with me (for whatever reason!) take a look at the Contact page.

Published work

The Way She Surfs

Devil’s Lettuce


Interview by Courtney McPhail – Paige Briscoe ā€“ ā€œI had worked really hard on it, Iā€™m so proud of it!ā€

My Experiences

Communications & Marketing Assistant

Junior Digital PR Executive
I worked on digital PR campaigns throughout the whole cycle, from ideation and data gathering, to writing the press release and outreaching to journalists.