Remy [short story, horror]


Approx. 280 words, horror, narrated by you

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I’ve been unable to write creatively for a while; so my friends gave me some “inspiration”, and I had a blast writing their quotes into short, conversational scenes between two characters.

So, meet hetero couple Alex and Lara, who radiate the same energy as this iconic Gogglebox scene:


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Flash Fiction entry ‘The Replacement’

A few months back I wrote a very short piece of flash fiction, eighty words long, and entered it into a competition hosted by Third Word Press. I was lucky enough to be selected as a winner for that round of entries! As of writing this blog post, my story is featured on the front page of the website, which can be viewed here:

You can also read my entry, ‘The Replacement’, below! (Image is a screen-grab from the above website).