I began my writing journey in 2008, writing fanfiction over on, and roleplaying Twilight characters on Piczo. I migrated to posting fanfiction on AO3 and Tumblr in the early 2010s, under the pseudonym cruciomysoul. My work is still available to read! I miss the passion I had when writing fanfics, and I hope to reignite that passion soon and produce more Batman-centric fanfics. This isn’t going to turn into an essay about the pros and cons of writing/reading fanfics, but for me, it has been nothing but a benefit and a way to hone my talent in ways different to what my degree provided.

Now, however, I have some professionally published works!

The way she surfs 1 The Way She Surfs is a 5-part LGBT+ coming out short story, written for YA audiences but designed to be enjoyed by all.

It can be purchased on Amazon (.mobi) for £1.99. Alternatively, the .PDF version and the .ePub can be purchased directly from me for £1.00 – just drop me an email!

Amazon Link:


CoverDevil’s Lettuce is an anthology of poems, short stories, and stream of consciousness writings that have been written whilst under the influence of THC. These cannabis-induced writings have been collected from volunteers, rendered anonymous, and published under the pseudonym Mary-Jane. This publication formed part of my MA in Publishing.

Paperback: £4.50
eBook (.mobi): £0.99
eBook (.PDF): £0.50 – available only by contacting myself.

The Art of Nothing is a collection of art, poetry, and sound studying the human perception of Nothing by Martina Monsportova. Three of my poems are featured. You can read the book here: