Stuffing your wallet: earning money as a student.

It’s a worldwide fact: if you’re a student, then you’re most likely broke. Especially if Student Finance give you the minimum maintenance loan because of the ridiculous ‘means-tested’ system, therefore not even giving you enough money to cover your rent…

Like me!

I could go on and on about the penny-pinching fraudsters that are Student Finance England, but that’s not the point of this post; the point of this post, is to explore all the ways to make money on the side as a student! Whether you need a full, food and rent income, or just money for the sesh and other treats, here are some of the ways that I manage to line my pockets.

1 – A part-time job

Since first year, I’ve worked quite a few jobs as a student, both while studying and during summer break. I’ve advertised for Domino’s Pizza during fresher’s fair, worked night to morning shifts for Boots at the airport, pulled pints in a pub, and of course: retail. A part time job (especially in retail) is perhaps the most common form of student job: flexible hours, regular pay, fun colleagues (if you’re lucky). But, this isn’t for everyone, for lots of reasons – maybe your work load and course hours are too much for a job to be sustainable, jobs in your city/town are sparse, or maybe you just don’t want to work that much. Who cares. Point is, there are lots more alternatives to the traditional part-time job if you want to secure some extra funds!

2 – eBay/Depop/Shpock/Facebook Marketplace

If you’re also a hoarder like me, then you definitely have things lying around that you don’t need or even necessarily want. You can do the noble thing, and donate to charity shops (there are plenty of them in Aberystwyth, after all) or you could try and sell them.

Facebook Marketplace is extremely successful, and there are even groups dedicated to selling/swapping stuff in pretty much every area. Plus, unlike eBay and Depop, there are no shipping or selling fees! I have personally had the most success using FB Marketplace and eBay. In the last few months, I’ve bagged myself over £150 – just from selling clothes, electronics, and the odd knick-knacks.

I definitely recommend giving your possessions a spring cleaning out- you never know, someone might want what you don’t any more!

3 – Sell yourself

And I don’t mean in a sex work way, unless that’s what you’d like to pursue. But maybe you have a talent for art – drawing, painting, and the like. In which case, opening commissions can be a great step forward! Or maybe you have another talent – proofreading, editing, baking, nail art, anything!

I have friends that have benefited quite well from this – you can check out their FB pages here:

Elle Unitt Art and Claire Likes to Doodle

4 – Apps

This is by far my favourite way of making money. There are so many apps out there that can provide you with a supplement income, and below are my favourite and frequently used ones.


This app is currently invite only – meaning you need a code from a current user in order to sign up. In essence, you accept tasks on the app, perform them, and get paid! Task payouts can vary from pennies to double figure quids.

There is a catch – you cannot perform any money-rewarding tasks until you reach level two. A small hurdle, but well worth the wait! I’ve earned myself more than £60 from this app, payed to me via PayPal. Tasks vary, too, with many of the paying tasks being in higher numbers in more urban areas.

I have one invite code left for Roamler – so if you know me personally and would like it, and promise to use it, drop me a message!


Qmee is a browser extension (but also available as an app) that provides links in the sidebar when you google things. Really, you’re getting paid to google! Clicking on the links will give you anywhere from 1p to 8p. There is also the option to complete surveys for extra pennies and pounds, some of which include exclusive previews for not yet released movie trailers!

Like Roamler, Qmee pays out through PayPal. So, if you feel like getting money just by clicking links and answering a few questions, you can sign up by clicking here! Plus, Qmee doesn’t send out a million emails a day, a definite positive.

Receipt Hog

Another app that you can make money on for free! If you go shopping, simply take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app! Each qualifying receipt will give you virtual coins as a reward, or a spin on the slot machine.

Once you earn enough coins, you can either cash out via PayPal or exchange for Amazon vouchers!


Old games, books, CDs, DVDs lying around? Scan them into the Ziffit app, see if they’ll accept them, then pop them in the post – for free! After evaluating the condition of the items, payments via PayPal is usually quite speedy.

5 – Switch your current account

Or, open a new bank account! Many banks will offer incentives for you to switch your current account over to them, or to open a new bank account with them. A favourite of mine is Monzo, which currently gives you £5 to open an account with them, and £5 if you get a friend to open an account through a referral link (hint, hint… the friend gets £5 too!)

Benefits of having a Monzo account are the lack of fees for using your debit card abroad. Goodbye, bank currency conversion fee! You can also set up an arranged overdraft for times of need, and you’re very unlikely to lose your card… it’s bright pink!


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