Oh Wonder: My First Solo Concert

Wednesday, February 12th I was brave enough to go and see one of my favourite bands live for an intimate performance in Nottingham. I’d like to start by saying a thank-you to Ysa, who I had a delight meeting and chatting with about hamsters, boys and singing along to their songs.

I discovered Oh Wonder in 2017, whilst looking for new ways to bond with my housemate after we had had a pretty serious incident between us. I’ve never really bonded with anyone over music before, but Oh Wonder changed that – and now the aesthetic from the their debut eponymous studio album will forever remind me of them.

I booked tickets to see Oh Wonder on a whim; I saw they were on sale (thanks to Facebook marketing tactics), that they were very affordably priced (hooray!), and that they were playing in the city I’m currently residing in. Oh and some Plymouth Gargoyle fan said I should do things that make me happy. I think in total I spent two days deciding I was going to do it, and then about a week deliberating which price to go for (did I want the vinyl and cassette? – absolutely, but do I have a cassette player? – no. Is my vinyl player in the same city as me? also no.), so it was just the CD for me. (Which now resides happily on the front seat of my car).

I decided after my graduation in the summer that the next academic year, whilst I study my masters, would be the year that I do things that I want to do- and if that means doing things by myself, then so be it. In October, for example, I went solo to Poland to teach English for a weekend. And yet, somehow, going to a concert by myself felt even more daunting.

I think what was the most daunting aspect was the inherent social aspect to concerts. Especially concerts with no seating; you’re not only going to enjoy the live music, you’re going to dance and sing and drink and talk about your favourite moments afterwards with your friends. But when you’re by yourself, who are you going to dance with? Alone? No thanks; that’s explicitly reserved for when I’m off my face in Pier or Yokos.

So, I went to see the delightful Anthony & Josephine in person, had a couple beers while singing along and swaying gently to their songs- which are just as impressive (if not more so) live.

This Friday (Feb 28th) tickets go on-sale for their second tour this year in December, and I am very much looking forward to nabbing them again!

I also came to the revelation that Anthony looks rather like Mac (Rob McElhenney) from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… and seeing how ADORABLE Josephine’s fringe was made me also want a full fringe, even though I know I would hate the maintenance that comes with it and it would never look as good on me.

Long story short, I went to a concert by myself, had a heckin’ good time, and definitely encourage y’all to do the same.



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