Video Game Imaginings: Which Professions Would our Favourite Characters have?

Working in Digital PR means I often have a lot of ideas floating in my head that are just too bloggy for digital campaigns, and so I’ve decided to make an effort to turn some those ideas into blog posts.

So, here are some of my favourite video game characters and, based on their in-game story lines/characteristics, what I predict their professions would be in the real world! Salary predictions have been collected from, who calculated average earnings based on the information employees provide them.


We’ll start easy. It’s common knowledge that this fella on the right here is a plumber in Super Mario lore.

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a plumber is £27K.


We can’t have one brother without the other, now can we?

If Luigi’s Mansion is anything to go by, I feel like Luigi would do well as a paranormal investigator. If he chose to present, he could earn about £49K a year. Glassdoor didn’t have any reported salaries for paranormal investigator, so that figure might have to remain a mystery.


Link spends a lot of his time rescuing people and fighting monsters. He’s a real asset to the community of Hyrule; as such, I think he would make an excellent firefighter. Average UK salary for a firefighter is £30K


With her caring nature, Zelda could definitely make a living as an NHS nurse – one of our much needed key workers. Her no-nonsense attitude would definitely be appreciated in that line of work. Average NHS nurse pay is £27K.

Desmond Miles

He is technically an Assassin by game lore… but I’m going to ignore that. Since Des loves becoming new people, I think he would be best suited for a career as an impersonator – a party impersonator can get on average of £100 for each booking.


An absolute sweetheart. Isabelle would be an excellent HR worker – more of a Holly Flax than Toby Flenderson. She’s the go-to woman (dog) for any issues you may have about your island or your residents.

The average UK HR salary is £30K.

Tom Nook

Everyone’s favourite crook. Tom Nook would make an excellent conman. Since I can’t technically find a salary for that role, we’ll go with the next occupation that would suit him: Property Developer. A Property Development Manager could earn around £50K per annum.


Athletes don’t get paid much. But sponsorship from Nike, Adidas, and more could lead to a whopping income each month. Especially if combined with Instagram earnings as doubt he would be classed as an Influencer. He would probably have his own line of signature GottaGoFast sneakers in his signature blue…

There you have it. I might make a part two at some point, as I have a lot more characters I’d like to include (Kratos, Spyro, Elle…), but for now, these guys will suffice!

Feel free to share this or repost to your own blog/website – just give me a little (link) credit, please!


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