I’ve been unable to write creatively for a while; so my friends gave me some “inspiration”, and I had a blast writing their quotes into short, conversational scenes between two characters.

So, meet hetero couple Alex and Lara, who radiate the same energy as this iconic Gogglebox scene:


“People say that you have to go through a storm to get a rainbow. But that’s fucking bullshit, and I’ll tell you why.”

“You’ll tell me why, will you?”

“I’m sorry, did I fucking stutter?”

A sudden outburst of laughter, wheezing breath.

“So, go on then,” Lara urges, “tell me why that’s such bullshit.”

Alex looks at her, turns his face over so one cheek is lying on the sand.

“You’re my rainbow. And I ain’t been through no storm.”

Lara smiles at him. “Oh, honey,” she whispers, “there’s a big storm comin’.”


“Time turns us all into spectators.”

“What?” The expression on Lara’s face echoes the confusion in her voice.

“We watch invisible forces,” Alex continues, “pull apart the fabric of familiarity.”

“Babe, are you okay?” She sits up, resting her back against the sturdy tree, and looks at him. He is staring in the distance, eyes focused on the far away horizon. The sun lurks behind high rises, seeping and weeping a blur of orange and red.

“The oak tree,” he says, patting a pale hand along the sturdy roots, “stands weather-beaten and sturdy.”

“Alex,” Lara says, “this is a fucking plum tree.”


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