World Poetry Day: A Waka From the Archives

Happy World Poetry Day! It’s been a while since I wrote some fresh poetry, so I thought I would share one from the archives.

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an addiction;

Re-roll –

one refresh, it won’t

cost. Has it really?

Been twelve hours?


In front of a screen.

Just one refresh more-

Just one I swore

Wake up – next morning:


tiny poem I wrote when refreshing games of Battlegrounds last night instead of going to sleep x


I wrote this to get out my frustration after receiving my fifth publishing profession job rejection, none of which I was even successful in procuring an interview for.

I keep telling myself
that there’s no rush,
there’s still time –
that good things come
(and they will come)
to those who wait.

And wait.

And keep on waiting,
when their cheeks
are stained with salt
and buffed by paper towels.

I’m low-key terrified of the future. I’m terrified that I’m standing still, caught in an immovable current, whilst friends and peers move in new directions and face new challenges, experience new things.

I’ve been unable to write creatively for a while; so my friends gave me some “inspiration”, and I had a blast writing their quotes into short, conversational scenes between two characters.

So, meet hetero couple Alex and Lara, who radiate the same energy as this iconic Gogglebox scene:


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Flash Fiction entry ‘The Replacement’

A few months back I wrote a very short piece of flash fiction, eighty words long, and entered it into a competition hosted by Third Word Press. I was lucky enough to be selected as a winner for that round of entries! As of writing this blog post, my story is featured on the front page of the website, which can be viewed here:

You can also read my entry, ‘The Replacement’, below! (Image is a screen-grab from the above website).