10 creative writing prompts to help fuel your writing spark

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I have a lot of ideas, thoughts, and threads for stories – but very little time to write them. Or if I do have the time, I don’t have the energy or I feel like I’m lacking the words and writing style to give the idea justice.

So I thought I would share them here. This will most likely be the first prompt list in a series. I can’t guarantee they will all be good (if any are), but hopefully they help spark your creativity.

(I won’t lie, most of these could be considered meet-cute prompts)

  1. Character A is a mermaid, trapped in fantasy creature circus. Character B is an elf, a species which has bad blood with the mermaids. Character B is the only one who can rescue/help them get free, Character A, but can they trust them?
  2. Character A works in a coffee shop. Character B is a regular customer, but each time they are wearing a different work uniform and different name tag – and a different coffee order each time. What’s their secret?
  3. Character A enters a ‘Love Island‘ type villa, hoping to find love. Instead, they find everything but – including an estranged family member. Chaos ensues.
  4. Character A is staying in a hostel and sharing a room with a stranger, Character B. Character B tests positive for COVID-19, meaning Character A now has to isolate with them.
  5. Character A goes on a blind date with character B, and they really hit it off and things get wild. Two days later, character A goes for a job interview. Character B is the interviewer.
  6. Characters A & B have broken up – but forgot they purchased a non-refundable, and non-transferable holiday together. They decide to go, as friends. Will they stay friends?
  7. Character A is spending a weekend in a casino resort, and spots character B cheating. Instead of dobbing them in to security, character A pulls them aside and wants in.
  8. It’s company picnic time! As a remote worker, character A has never actually met any of their co-workers in person before. How will this pan out?
  9. After discovering a terrible secret about themselves and their family, character A runs away from home. What is the secret? Are they in danger? Who do they run to?
  10. Character A works in a tech support and repair shop. Character B is constantly coming in with problems – cannot connect to Bluetooth, laptop screen won’t turn on, speakers keep disconnecting, among lots of other issues. Character A is beginning to suspect some of these issues are self-made, in order to keep coming back to the shop. But how can character A prove their suspicion?

Let me know if you decide to write with any of these prompts in mind! I would love to read your work.


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