Questions I’m desperate for answers from in a Wednesday season 2

Naturally, this blog post is going to contain spoilers for Netflix’s Wednesday, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, proceed with caution.

1. Who is the boy who passed up Principal Weems for Morticia Frump?

We have two possible options here. One – Gomez. Two – Gareth.

It doesn’t matter which option, really, as both could have caused the obvious tension between her and Morticia. And both would have caused her to be the first to discover Gareth – she was looking for one of them. I struggle to think that it was Gomez, as the interactions between the Addams and Weems focussed on her and Morticia. Had it been an ex-love between Gomez and Weems, I would have thought there would have been a lot more tension.

2. Who will be the next principle?

I have been seeing some theories that Weems isn’t actually deceased – but I think she is. To have her pose as Lurch at the end, like I am seeing some theorize on TikTok, would be too convoluted in my opinion.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Morticia swoops in as principle – she’s alumni, close(ish) with Weems, and this would be a great plot point for season two – mother/daughter fraught relations within a school – a plot that was already heavily played on in season one, mind, with Eugene seemingly being the only outcast with a positive relationship with both parents.

3. Bianca Barclay – will she return to her mother’s cult?

This was something that seemed completely random to me. I appreciated the brief backstory and explanation it gave to Bianca’s character, but it created a lot more questions than answers for me.

I hope this is explored in season two. I’m not familiar with siren lore at all, really, so it was interesting to hear about her mother’s song drying up – would the loss of Bianca’s song pave the way for a reunion between her and Xavier?

Another plot point regarding Bianca and her mother that I found irrelevant was Bianca’s conversation with Lucas; she recognised the bracelet’s connotation to the cult, and warned him to stay away – what was the point of this? It was too pointed (in my opinion) for it to not matter in the future – was this interaction a turning point for Bianca to try and bring down the cult? Or a small gesture towards his redemption arc?

4. Why is Xavier’s father so famous?

I found it odd that we were never introduced officially to Xavier’s father – after all, Xavier is more of a key character than Bianca, yet we still met her mother. It was an interesting detail to learn that Pugsley is allegedly obsessed with his father, and that there was a somewhat distant familial friendship relationship between himself and Wednesday.

In my mind, I am imagining a fictional Penn & Teller or Criss Angel kind of guy – I do hope we get to meet him in season two. With him supposedly being very vocal on the unreliability of psychic visions, it would be good to learn why.

5. Will Pugsley go to Nevermore?

With both Gomez and Morticia being alumni, it suggests he will – but so far, we have not been shown any enhanced abilities, although, neither have we for Gomez.

6. What made Poe an outcast?

I’m going to be honest here, it took about 4 mentions of Poe before I made the Nevermore connection. Not my smartest moment. But still, I would love to know what exactly made him an outcast! I’m speculating he had a relationship akin to  Eugene’s, but with crows.

7. Why does everyone tell Wednesday not to trust her visions – they were, for the majority, accurate?

This is what is troubling me the most. At no point can I recall any of her visions being incorrect, or wrongly interpreted – though if I am misremembering, please do correct me.

Weems seemed to be under the impression that Morticia’s visions were notoriously unreliable, and yet once again, we did not find out what had occurred. Xavier’s dreams correctly interpreted the appearance of the Hyde, Rowan’s mother correctly envisioned Wednesday versus Crackstone (admittedly that last one may have been interpreted incorrectly, but the vision itself was true).

8. Finally, did Tyler’s Hyde escape at the end?

They chose a good moment to cut the scene, just as his face transformed. It looked like a precarious restraining system – so I would not be surprised if season two opens with him having escaped.

What are you hoping for in a second season of Wednesday?


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