Chespin Community Day: a recap!

What a start to 2023’s set of community days! And by that, I mean… it wasn’t that great.

Now, I was meant to post this earlier in the month, but life happens. I’d like to, however, get it out there before the Community Day Classic on January 21st.

I participated in this Community Day down near the south coast, in Southampton. It’s not the first Community Day I’ve played down there, but it’s very close to being my last – purely because of the weather. It was non-stop rain and it completely ruined the vibe of the day.

Unsurprisingly, the weather has a hugely detrimental impact on how enjoyable PoGo is. In the back of my mind, I always worry that too much rain will damage my phone. I know this is unlikely, as most modern phones are supposed to be watertight, but… still I worry.

Not to mention, water on the screen really messes with the touch sensitivity! It makes it really difficult to quick catch, and nearly impossible to land Great/Excellent throws. That was a huge bug bear for me, with Chespin – as a starter, it is naturally hard to catch in-game. Despite increasing the catch rate for the event, it still felt like more escaped than were caught.

Stats before and after comm day:


Maths isn’t my strong suit but… to me that looks like a 10x increase on those first two! I’ve put some screenshots at the bottom.

Adding my shiny count might seem like bragging, but there’s a reason. Every Community day that my partner and I play together, we always compete to see who catches the most shinies. Loser usually has to pay for Spoons after, and it’s usually always me – this day was no exception. (It did feel like the shiny odds were also lower… but it’s quite possible I’m still comparing the odds to when the Comm days used to be 6-hours instead of 3!)

Anyway, I’m finishing this post on the back of Larvitar’s Community Day Classic and not before like I hoped… but this day was much better in terms of playability and the weather. I’ll be writing about that soon!

I never noticed this before, but… Spiny nut? Really?


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