Pokémon GO: Hoenn Tour Recap

As you know, last weekend was the Hoenn Tour in Pokémon GO. I’ll be recapping how the weekend went for me down below!

Was anyone else… disappointed with this event? I fully felt like last year’s tour had a lot more going for it, both in terms of actual activities and Pokémon available. It’s a shame, because I was super excited – Hoenn was the first generation I played, having started my Pokémon journey with the GameBoy game Ruby. Naturally, I echoed that choice and selected Ruby for the weekend.

It was disappointing to me that day two was a carbon copy of day one. Some additional challenges (e.g. reasons to actually play the whole day) would have been nice; the catch collection challenges were too quick to plough through, especially when you’re catching a lot. And I caught a lot this weekend; so much so that I burned through my ball reserve, and even had to resort to purchasing some from the shop when I encountered a Latios that I knew wasn’t going to flee.

It was great to see Kecleon boosted, though I definitely feel like they should have saved his release for this event.

Did any one else feel like they turned off lucky trades? The first day, I maxed out trading with my partner, and we got just one lucky – and it didn’t even appear until our ~80th trade! That was incredibly annoying, as the regionals Seviper and Relicanth were sparse for us – and it meant we didn’t manage to both get them lucky. Admittedly, it seemed like the Sunday the ‘odds’ for lucky trades evened out, but that wasn’t enough for us to get all the luckies that we wanted out of the event.

Still, I got some pretty amazing catches and medals – see below a gallery of the highlights!

I’ll be mirror trading some of those shinies to see if we can get them up to a 3*!

One thing I did love about this event – and other events like community days – is the actual sense of community it creates. Turn out for this event was far greater than the usual crowds I see in parks and near raid gyms on comm days.

I forgot to do a recap of February’s community day, but with Slowpoke comm day soon, I’m going to try to remember!


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