Pokèmon GO: Adventure Week Recap

Adventure week in Pokémon GO is officially over!

I’d like to do a nice little recap; I really want to start writing more on the games I enjoy playing and so I thought this is a great time to start.

So here’s a recap of my adventures on Sunday, June 12th!

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[Top 10] Pokemon GO Best Gym Defenders

This blog post will look at 10 of the best Pokémon to leave as a defender for your gym – whether you’re team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.

Putting Pokémon in gyms not only helps you max out your daily coin limit (50 coins), but also improves your score with that gym – meaning when you spin the gym whilst it belongs to your team, you will get a greater team bonus.

When it comes to defending a gym for long hours, there are some key attributes you need to evaluate:

  1. Is my Pokémon weak or vulnerable to multiple types?
  2. Does my Pokémon have a high CP range – is it, effectively, a tank?
  3. Does my Pokémon have a strong moveset?
  4. Is my Pokémon resistant to popular or powerful move types?
  5. Will adding my Pokèmon type to this gym make it harder for a single team to take down?
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