Pokèmon GO: Adventure Week Recap

Adventure week in Pokémon GO is officially over!

I’d like to do a nice little recap; I really want to start writing more on the games I enjoy playing and so I thought this is a great time to start.

So here’s a recap of my adventures on Sunday, June 12th!

I started the day getting my buddy, Sapphire, all excited with a poffin. Sapphire is my 100% shiny and lucky Umbreon that I am currently working to becoming my (first) best buddy. Only 61 more hearts to go!

Early on in my walk, I hatched 4 eggs – giving me this field research reward. A perfect Archen. I don’t have enough candy to evolve, so I’m saving this one – most likely for when the next spotlight hour gives double XP evolution.

My first shiny didn’t appear until well into the day. Surprising, because there were boosted odds for Cranidos and Shieldon.

By this point, I had seen a fair few other people wandering town and looking as though they were playing – a very rare sight in my small town; I know players exist here, but I have never seen any with my own eyes before!

I even teamed up with a couple for a Unown raid, which was pretty cool – I should have asked for their friend codes, in hindsight, but oh well.

Surprisingly though, I encountered this shiny! I didn’t even know Kabuto had a shiny version, so this was a pleasant surprise.

After walking 12km all over my town, and spinning all 63 Pokèstops, I knew I couldn’t not finish the challenge and I made myself walk the extra 2km.

My partner and I both play Pokémon GO. Since we’re long-distance, we often end up playing these events solo and comparing afterwards. He ALWAYS has better shiny odds than me (most likely because his catch rate is higher, being someone that quite often quick catches) so it was nice to catch a shiny (Kabuto) he didn’t have. However it also meant he caught multiple shiny Cranidos and Shieldon, and, would you believe it, even hatched a shiny Cranidos!

Final tally:

25 Shieldon, with 2 shinies

26 Cranidos, with 0 shinies

1 shiny Kabuto

1 perfect Archen

1 medal for catching 2,500 grass types

How did everyone else do?


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